I am an artist.
From a very young age I've been fond of drawing and telling stories visually, which became a craft that I've honed ever since. During my teens I've developed a stronger focus on digital media, and eventually decided that this art thing might just be what I was meant to do in life.
Skipping a few years of art school and badly paid first jobs, I've finally managed to make my passion my profession. Most of my commissioned work is in book illustration, where I can combine my love for storytelling with my love for art, but I also sell prints of my personal paintings.
I am a designer.
After art school, I went on to study graphic design at the Graphische in Vienna. Truth be told, at first it was mostly a practical choice – no one can live off of art alone, right? – however, I soon found not only my fascination with good design, but that it improved how I approached my illustrations as well.
Well-crafted design, be it in a story, a picture, a logo, or a flyer for your new restaurant, manages to inform you beyond obvious messages. Beyond what is written or said explicitly, the colours and fonts, sizes and alignments between all elements transmit a certain understanding of what you're looking at, and that is what I am searching for in my projects..
I've been working as a self-imployed designer and illustrator in Vienna for three years now. If you'd like to get in touch with me, don't hesitate to send me a message here.